There is a little known personal effectiveness training program that gives people the opportunity to look, discover, and explore their inner selves, their beliefs, habits, lifestyle, life choices, etc. Often, these are what determines our current state of life, body, spirit, and mind.

Rising Star Communications, originally started in Salt Lake City, has 2 locations: one in Salt Lake City, Utah and the other one in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both sites have the same set of trainers. Since the Salt Lake City office is more well-established, classes tend to be a little larger there compared to Colorado Springs. The quality of training of both are similar since both sites use the same trainers.

We highly recommend the training they provide and have no financial involvement whatsoever with Rising Star Communications. We simply believe in and like their training. Below is an excerpt from their brochures of what kind of training Rising Star provides in their own words:

Rising Star Communications, Inc. is an organization that has grown out of the Human Potential and Human Development movements begun after World War II by the U.S. Government through National Training laboratories. We consider Rising Star Communications to be on the "cutting edge" of this movement through our blending of "personal growth" trainings and the "personal effectiveness" trainings. We are, above all, a communications training company which manages to create phenomenal results with trainees drawn from a wide spectrum of demographical characteristics. Our trainees have included individuals who range from students to executives in Fortune 500 companies; from stock clerks to professional athletes; and all along the socioeconomic continuum.

The training offered by Rising Star Communications is
experiential in nature and consists of various activities. Trainees have an opportunity to examine their conditioned beliefs about life. Trainees have a chance to measure the degree to which they are confined to automatic responses. The training helps individuals become more aware of how often they make conscious choices. Trainees are encouraged to examine the degree to which they are willing to reach out and care for others and allow others to care for them. The training focuses on developing skills to improve relationships-with themselves, their family, friends, at their workplace, and in the community.

This is an informational and contextual outline of the three mainframe trainings offered by Rising Star Communications.


Journey is the first of the three mainframe trainings offered by Rising Star Communications. This powerful experiential training begins on Wednesday evening, continues Thursday evening, runs all day Friday and Saturday, and completes at approximately 9:30pm Saturday night. Total training room time is approximately 38 hours.

Journey is best described as an "introductory course" to the practice of self-scrutiny. Trainees are encouraged, through a mix of lectures and interactive processes, to examine their attitudes and beliefs about life and living Participants have an opportunity to notice self-limiting beliefs and practices which may be interfering with optimum success in personal, familial, social, and professional arenas. Typical results reported by participants are increased energy levels, enhanced communication skills, heightened creativity, and added effectiveness in setting and attaining personal and professional goals. Journey costs $400.


Crossroads is the second of the three mainframe trainings offered by Rising Star Communications. This training begins on Wednesday morning and runs all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, completing at approximately 9:30pm Saturday night. Total training room time is approximately 56 hours.

Crossroads is best described as a course which deals with the rigors, complexities, and dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Trainees are encouraged, through this highly experiential training, to examine their beliefs, attitudes, and practices pertaining to relationships in personal, familial, social, and professional arenas. At the heart of this training is the discovery and strengthening of the communication and attitudinal skills which are brought to bear every day in creating successful interactions with others. The purpose of Crossroads is to afford the participants an opportunity to explore the possibility that a new way of referencing decisions may lead to better and/or more productive outcomes. The course affords numerous opportunities for the participants to reflect upon the results in their life, their careers, and their relationships while practicing and developing enhanced communication skills. The skills learned are: decision-making, strategic recognition and planning, and communicating for action and clarity. Crossroads costs $600.


Horizons is the last of the three mainframe trainings offered by Rising Communications. This training unfolds over the course of six to eight weeks, includes three training weekends, and three evening workshops. The first weekend of training begins on a Thursday evening and continues all day Friday and Saturday. The second weekend runs all day Friday and Saturday, and the third weekend runs all day Friday and Saturday. The three workshops are held on three Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm until approximately 7:00pm.

Horizons is designed to allow the trainees to take into the "real world" the skills, realizations, and breakthroughs learned in Journey and Crossroads. In this highly structured "support type" training the participants set goals, make declarations, and create "real world" results that have the effect of being, doing, and having more positive consequences in their personal, familial, social, and professional lives. Horizons costs $400.

$200 discount is available when all three trainings are paid for in advance of doing the Journey training, and the trainings are completed consecutively.


Rising Star Communications, Inc. is an organization whose principals have over forty years experience in conducting personal effectiveness and communications seminars in the private and corporate sectors. The facilitators who conduct the seminars have worked in national and international arenas and bring a variety of professional backgrounds to their work.

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You can contact Rising Star Communications (Vision Works International) at either one of their locations:

Vision Works International (Utah)
1293 West 2200 South, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: (801) 975-1000

Vision Works International (Colorado)
1652 S. Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
Phone: (719) 574-6300

We hope you find the training as beneficial as we have.


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