Read these comments from John Behle's satisfied students. The comments say it all about his courses, services, and products.

  • "I've bought 5 notes since the first of the year at a 25 - 30% yield for my own portfolio." -- Larry Goudie  
  • "Reading your article made me $15,000" -- R.D.
  • "I saved $17,000 because of three words you said." -- Tom P.
  • "My consultant gave me an assignment to call local note brokers, loan brokers, banks and real Estate agents. 2 1\2 weeks later I have 5 bankers that have agreed to send me notes and one agent that has already sent me 5 notes. I haven't even scratched the surface yet." -- Mike W.
  • "Since just 3 months ago when I started...I set aside at least one hour every day to talk to people I knew and to brokers who I did not know...I now network with people from coast to coast who can do anything from small notes up to more than $100 million. Better still, they fax me dozens of notes every month. ...I am working right now on five notes, all of which are well over $1 million. My latest purchase is a small note whcih will give me a yield of 72%." -- Sandi West
  • "Other "paper" seminars and tapes from visiting authorities were good as an introduction to a neophyte not familiar with buying paper. However, your program filled in the gaps the others left open, providing practical instruction in the form of exercses and examples." -- Eugene Seeman
  • "John, Received your books Tuesday, and finished reading them this morning.  Some mornings I stayed up till 2 a.m. reading them. The books are excellent, very informative. - - Lee O'Neal
  • Thank you - it was the most exhilarating , exhausting learning experience I've ever had. John was a great wonderful, patient instructor." - - Brenda Donahue CA
  • "Wonderful learning experience. Definitely worth my time and investment....John Behle is extremely creative and really gets the brain churning on how to become successful." - - William Hall Olympia, WA
  • John is a long time veteran of the real estate paper industry. he is a very creative thinker and problem solver.  He publishes numerous articles, tips, and materials which are sometimes for sale and many times free.  I have known John personally and can attest to his willingness to assist others in learning this business. - Michael Morrongiello 
  • "The A - Z on running your own discount mortgage business." - - Bruce Campbell Valencia, CA
  • I learned more about discount mortgages in a week than I knew with 20 years of real estate experience." - - Kent Hicks, TX
  • "Intensive, creative and challenging." - - Richard Ng, IL
  • "It was totally fantastic." - - Lyle Larson, CA
  • "Unmatched opportunity for financial independence secrets with minimal cost/risk and maximum, immediate results.." - - Tom Watson, Florida
  • "This was an intensive week of professional training taught by those who have been very successful in this lucrative business themselves and will teach you all you need to know." - - Nancy Mims, CA
  • "Excellent learning experience. Backed up my basic knowledge of the subject and taught me some of the more advanced skills." - - Ruth Aitchison, AZ
  • "This class will give you all the basics and is taught in a way that the information builds. Mr. Behle's well thought out structure of the materials and his strong yet patient way of teaching is very impressive. He is a master in this field. I consider it a privilege to be involved with him as a student." - - Barbara B., CA
  • "I'm new to notes, but here's my opinion. I've only made one offer on a note and that was prior to going through Behle's materials. The video series I have was done around 1991 and it is still current and relevant. It is extremely thorough in my opinion and the numerous concepts presented will still work fine.  I have a finance background so it was easy for me to follow. The main benefit for me was a different perspective on paper. I spent much of my time watching the videos figuratively slapping my palm to my forehead while exclaiming "Of course, why didn't I see that before!". And the course is inexpensive - the first deal will more than pay for the cost of the course. If you're serious about paper, this course needs to be in your library." - - Tim Randle, TX
  • "Great video course, I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned investor in notes and yet I was learning new and useful tools from tape 1.  Thanks for the great work.  P.S I loved the editing, made me laugh sometimes with your creativity, sometimes it was very Hollywood." - - Hans van der Drift
  • I attended the 5 day course taught by John Stefanchik and Larry Pino a year ago.  I was able to find 13 notes that I tried to broker to others un-successfully.  After attending your course, I learned how to buy notes for myself and actually make money in the business.  Thanks John! - - Kayle Castleton, Springville, Utah
  • I took the Stefanchik - Pino course about a year ago.  I wasn't able to do anything with it.  I couldn't find any notes.  I took your one day "Finding Notes" class two weeks ago and have been able to buy 4 notes and invest my daughters college fund at 31% yield. - - Scott Clark, San Diego, CA 


  • "The most educational week I've ever had in my life. Much better than my eight years of college education." -- David Boyd
  • "I close one or two notes per week. John Behle is the standard of this industry." -- Dick Dennis


  •  "I have John's 5-day Paper Training and it is incredible. He flat out is 'the daddy' when it comes to paper.  As far as looking for a discounted course, just pony up and buy it through this site or through John's page. Frankly, I think it's WAY too cheap. - Scott"
  • "I wouldn't part with my John Behle course for money or trade. Too much material to learn it all in one or two listenings. Buy it here, you won't regret it. - Anne"
  • "Your help and the things you taught me increased my net worth by $1.4 million and my cash flow is over $100,000 per year, after expenses." -- Mike Pantelakis
  • "I used to be a boss with 25 employees with all the headaches." "Now I can work alone and independently define my success and make more money." - Mike Hammer
  • "After being a residential and commercial real estate broker for over 22 years, I thought I knew most of what there was to know. I closed a deal two days after attending your course that made me $7,500 as a direct result of what I learned in the seminar." -- Ed Sperry 
  • "An incredible learning experience and so Stimulating. The numerous ways to make money in the paper business is mind-boggling! In fact, I sold my first note at the boot camp." - - Taral Sinclair WA
  • "It's 100 times the learning experience that any home study course could provide" - - Derek K. Cooley Downey, CA
  • "This class will give you all the basics and is taught in a way that the information builds. Mr. Behle's well thought out structure of the materials and his strong yet patient way of teaching is very impressive. He is a master in this field. I consider it a privilege to be involved with him as a student." - - Barbara Barney North Hollywood, CA
  • "Well worth the time and money." - - Guy Jennings NY
  • "Excellent!" - - Earle Nelson, WI
  • "I have enjoyed continued success in the trust deed market here in Phoenix and have used some of the techniques I learned in your seminar in California back in 1989 to improve the notes I buy and broker. Please keep me informed as to continuing seminars....." - - Robert Stone, Phoenix, AZ
  • "Information was informative and practical." - - Mike Dudgeon Carlsbad, CA
  • "Valuable information, Useful. Supportive and dedicated people." - - Marshall Winkler Lower Lake, CA
  • "The course was extremely valuable whether you plan to work it as a business or only invest your own money" - - L.C., Healdsburg, CA
  • "Very enlightening , informative, got a working knowledge of new aspect of my business and profited by it." - - Ken Vallone Carlsbad, CA
  • "It's an experience I'll never forget." - - Rudolf Boonstra NJ
  • Excellent overall training in an area that many homeowners need help." - - Del Lambert UT
  • "Powerful" - - Michael D. Sherlia CA
  • "This is well worth while experience to retain a sound basic knowledge of paper." - - Kenneth F. Morick Orange, CA
  • "I am very excited about what the future has in store for me realizing that I must learn to crawl before walking, although my inside feeling is to sprint." - - Arthur Kriticus, CT
  • "I am new to notes. I first got introduced to notes by Lonnie Scruggs and loved the idea of being the banker. I then learned about the note business and about brokering notes. But I tell you the things John teaches you in his video and manuals is immense.  I have spoken to some of John's students who took the course 17 years ago and they rant and rave about it. I am near the very end of the course information and all I can say is WOW! There is so much information in the course that no one ever talks about.  Also if you are serious about real estate then you need to learn the info that John has. I think he compared paper and real estate as left and right handed in this business. After going through John's course I totally understand what he means!" - - Jim Hou, Wisconsin
  • "After attending your 5 day course, I went to a  Noteworthy convention and was excited about the *Advanced* seminar by Howard Cook that Jon Richards said would "Knock my socks off" - and almost fell asleep.  I've been to as many educational events as I can get to and have yet to find much information new to me that I didn't learn in your seminar.  Nothing is as advanced or has helped me as much.  I made over a hundred thousand for the first time in my life the first year after your training." - - Wayne Palmer, SLC, Utah
  • Lisa Moren related to Larry Pino a couple years ago that she and her husband had taken the Behle course a few weeks after getting into the note business.  She said that 8 years later the note industry had not even begun to catch up with the advanced material they learned from John  Behle.   



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