Cash Flow Forum Newsgroup Policies and Procedures

So it is very clear right up front, here are the policies of the newsgroup.  

This forum is for the discussion of paper investment and related topics.  We are the sole judge of what is related or not and reserve the right to delete posts or refer you to a more specific or appropriate newsgroup.  Positive comments, thoughts and helpful hints on topics of interest may be allowed - subject to this policy.  Discussion of all types and opinions of all kinds are welcome.  Dis-agreement and differing opinions are not censored so long as it does not become a personal attack. 

Here is what is NOT permitted:

1. Advertisements and/or solicitations for business.
2. Obscenities.
3. Name calling and personal attacks.
4. Posts not related to real estate, paper or mobile home investing.

Posts may also be deleted over time that are not deemed important to the education process and long term goals of the site.  This clears space on the page so that more educational posts may be saved for a longer time period.  As the page takes longer to load, some posts may be archived to another section.

We also reserve the right to delete "anonymous" posts without a valid e-mail address.

Your IP address is saved in our log files every time you post a question or comment.  That is an automatic feature of the software and it logs whether you post a valid e-mail address or name or not.  This feature can and will be used to track and take action against anyone causing trouble on the newsgroup or site.

We will not hesitate to take legal or other action against anyone who posts slander, graffiti, or any other remark that attempts to trash the continuity and purpose of our newsgroup.

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