John Behle invites selected individuals involved in the discount mortgage business to join the Associate Training Program designed to enhance their success. Those with limited experience find that they can overcome their fears and close profitable deals with confidence. Those actively involved in the business discover that the expanded resources available permit them to participate more frequently in larger and more profitable deals

How will the Associate Training Program help you?

Non-Investor: Paper is a profitable and safe investment.
* Make a 50% return in 30 days
* Lower your house payment and pay it off early
* Make money on government money
* Buy personal property at a discount using paper

Current paper investor: Wise investors continue to learn.
* Beat the competition
* Double a note's yield in just a few days
* Eliminate worry about underlying loans
* Avoid foreclosure or profit from it

Real estate investor: Earn higher yields
* Buy real estate at 60-70% of value -0- down payment and a positive cash flow
* Split wraps and split cranks
* Buy property for $50K, sell it for $50K, and collect up to $100/month for 30 years
* Use real estate to buy paper
* Use paper to buy real estate
* Finance paper 100%

Real estate professional: Increase sales.
* Use paper to sell more properties
* Protect client interests
* Protect your professional liability
* Create paper that is saleable
* Avoid creating certain kinds of notes

Experienced investor: Hot tips, valuable advice
* Tax free investment
* Invest at 40-75% return
* Paper retirement plans
* Paper creation for estate planning

What You Will Get!

* Consulting: John will personally work one-on-one with you to make you successful in the note business. You will work and consult with him by telephone, fax, and e-mail. He will serve as your "personal coach", customized and personalized to you, while you work in the note business.

* Reference Materials: You will receive John Behle's highly-acclaimed, home-study course which you and John will refer to as you master the principles of his successful program. With over 500 pages of well written, down-to-earth instruction, The Paper Game covers every aspect of the note business: from the basics of what paper is and how it is created to the sophisticated tactics of properly discounting a note, improving paper, cultivating sources of note sellers and much more. A 15-tape audio cassette course features John Behle covering all aspects of The Paper Game

* Free Admission: You will be able to attend any of John's seminars, workshops, or bootcamps for free!

* Free Updates: You will receive free updates to The Paper Game program.

You may apply to John Behle's 12-month Associate Training Program for $2,495!** Call 801-374-NOTE today to apply!

SPECIAL UPGRADE! Buyers of the Video Course may join the 12-month Associate Training Program for only $1,995!** Call 801-374-NOTE today to upgrade!

** To further maximize your experience with the Associate Training Program, we highly recommend you attend a Personal Effectiveness Training Program.



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