The Paper Game
Five-Day Video Training

by John D. Behle

John Behle originated the idea of a five-day intensive bootcamp for paper in 1987. (He just never charged $7,000 for it!) This is a live recording of one of John's five-day trainings.

This one week video seminar has been the standard of comprehensive, street smart paper investment. A large majority of the top paper investors in the country received their start or were turbo-charged by this seminar.

There is no more complete course on the subject of real estate paper available... ANYWHERE. Many of the most successful "players" in the mortgage industry either got their start at this 5 day training or were turbo-charged in their business.

It starts with paper basics, and then this course goes into extensive detail about financing notes with private investors, finding notes through over 100 different sources, working with real estate agents, and one full day on fixing and improving notes for incredible yields. Though the course covers some very advanced principles - it starts from the very beginning. A bonus for beginners or those who have been at the business for 20 years.

One very successful and popular paper investor who instructs thousands of students around the country recently said, "My husband and I took John's course 8 years ago a few weeks after we entered the note business. Now 8 years later, the industry has still not caught up with the advanced techniques John taught me in his bootcamp."

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The Paper Game Five-Day Video Training comes complete with a 300-page manual and 28 HOURS of live instruction on 14 video tapes.

Recently John has added 5 extra bonus books for a total of over 500 pages of material. The included books are: The Paper Game, Mortgage Magic, Creative Paper Formulas, Discounting as Easy as 1,2,3 and Advanced Discounting and Negotiation Techniques.

Only: $495

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